Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 16-19 January 2015

Moon South Pole
Drawing New Lunar Pioneers


New Moon South Pole Ventures Including UK-Based Lunar Mission One & Russia-Based Lin Industrial Join Established Declarations Of Interest In Moon South Pole Missions By USA (RPM), American Enterprises Such As Shackleton Energy Corporation, Japan (SELENE-2), India (Chandrayaan-2), Russia (Luna-Glob), ESA, ILOA; Moon South Pole – Replete With Valuable Resources & Providing A Relatively Stable Thermal Environment – Is Generally Considered Optimal Location For Human Lunar Exploration / Settlement

Image Credit: JAXA, Lunar Mission One, Lin Industrial

Tuesday / 13 January 2015

Helium-3 2015 Revisit: India, Europe, China


Ever-Increasing Activities Towards Moon Exploration Indicate India, China & Other Space Powers Driven By Potential Economic Value Of Lunar Resources Including Helium-3; Former ISRO Chairman Prof UR Rao Says India Interested In Power-Generation Capacity Of Lunar He-3; UK-Based Researcher Ian Crawford Says Lunar Poles May Hold Higher Concentrates Of He-3, Polar Lander Required To Confirm; Orbiters Have Confirmed Presence Of Resources, ISRU Systems Already Tested On Earth, Time Has Come To Demonstrate Systems On Surface Of Moon

Image Credit: NASA, ISRO, Birkbeck College

Wednesday / 10 December 2014

Astronaut Hadfield: We Are Going To The Moon Next, “Because It Just Makes Sense”


Canada Astronaut Chris Hadfield Says Moon Is Logical Next Stop For Human Space Explorers; Just 3 Days Away Moon Provides Ideal Environment To Develop & Test Technologies That Will Be Needed To Explore Mars & Beyond; Hadfield Praises NASA Work On Orion, Says Next Big Step Should Be To Construct Permanent Lunar Base; Criticizes Mars One Mission, Comparing It To 1845 Northwest Passage Expedition: “If We Started Going To Mars Any Time Soon Everybody Would Die”; Comments Made To Royal Geographical Society In London

Image Credit: NASA, futuretimeline.net

Tuesday / 25 November 2014

Commercial Moon Mission Plans Raise Issues Of Moon Litter


UK Commercial Mission To Leave Time Capsule On Moon South Pole Has Space Environmentalists Questioning Ethics Of Littering Moon With Human ‘Artifacts’; Outer Space Treaty Says Nothing About Regulating Moon Trash & No Central Authority Enforces Laws On Moon; Currently Over 70 Spacecraft On Moon & ~180,000 Kg Of Human-Made Materials On Moon; UK Mission Currently Crowdfunding For Projected 2024 US$1B-Mission, Initial Campaign Already Raised Over Half Of US$941K-Goal With 23 Days Remaining

Image Credit: Lunar Missions Ltd, NASA

Thursday / 20 November 2014

UK Privately-Funded Mission To
Moon South Pole 2024

UK Moon South Pole

Lunar Mission One‘ Proposed By British Space Consultant David Iron To Send Lander To Moon South Pole, Bore At Least 20 Meters Into Crust, Extract & Analyze Samples; After 6 Months Of Science, Craft Will Then Seal Capsules Of Human DNA (Strands Of Hair) & Digital Data (Messages, Photos, Videos) In Boreholes; Planning To Launch 2024, Mission To Be Funded Entirely By Public, Estimated To Cost £500M (~US$784M); Initial £600K Crowdfunding Campaign Running Until 17 Dec

Image Credit: Lunar Missions Ltd