Wednesday / 25 May 2016

Moon In Focus As Lawmakers Push NASA Toward Lunar Landings, Reject Asteroid Redirect Mission


Scientists, Engineers And Administrators At NASA Are Preparing For Tidal Shift As USA House Of Representatives Calls For Return To Moon To Refine Capabilities Including Landing, Ascent, Habitation, And Prospecting; Budget Committee Draft Bill Cites Moon Development As Best Strategy For Sustainable Future Mars Exploration; ‘The House’ Is A Legislative Body Made Up Of 434 Voting Members Elected To Represent Each State Proportionally To Its Population

Credit:, NASA

Friday / 26 February 2016

China Advancing Chang’e-5, New Hainan Spaceport, Long March 5 & 7 Rockets

China Chang'e5

China Transitioning Chang’e-5 Moon Sample Return Mission Prototype To Final Model R&D Phase, Will Follow With Craft Testing & Prepare For 2017 Launch; Long March 5 Initial Flight Set For October From New Wenchang Site (19°N) On Hainan Island, Completed Successful 130-Day Joint Exercise; Long March 7 Medium-Size Launcher Assembly More Than 75% Complete, To Be Shipped To Launch Site In April For June Flight

Credit: CASC, China Space Website, CNSA, CAS

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 30 Oct – 2 Nov 2015

Prolific Accumulation Of LRO Data To Aid Science, Enhance Culture & Guide Future Exploration


LRO In Elliptical Orbit Flying Just 20km Above South Pole, Area Of Very High Interest; Immense Data Resources Include Satellite Tool Kit Real-Time Visualization Display System, ACT-React QuickMap, CRaTER Live Sonification Design Project; Solar Powered Spacecraft Preparing For Next Eclipse 23 Mar 2016, After Successfully Navigating 3 Over Last 1.5 Years; Deputy Project Scientist Noah Petro Describes Eclipse Challenges: Loss Of Photo-Voltaic Power Generation, Temperature Drop Of Nearly 138°C In Only Minutes

Credit: NASA / GSFC

Wednesday / 15 October 2014

Space Horizons 2015:
McMurdo On The Moon?

LED101514Brown University Hosts Annual NASA Sponsored Event Space Horizons 2015, 18-19 Feb; Antarctic McMurdo Station Inspires Asking “What Can 50+ Years Of Science In The Toughest Setting On Earth Tell Us About Working On The Moon?”; Workshops Examine Analog For Breakthrough Technologies To Realize Lunar Settlement; Brown’s 250-Year Anniversary Celebration Highlighted By Contributions In Planetary Science; Cutting Edge Virtual Reality Exhibit Allows Viewer To Fly Over Moon And Antarctica; Online Registration Now Open

 Image Credit: USAP, NASA, Brown University

Thursday / 10 April 2014

NSS-Sponsored Initiatives Advancing Moon Exploration


NSS International Committee, Sponsored by David Dunlop, Proposing Initiation Of International Lunar Geophysical Campaign To Advance Scientific Exploration Of Moon & Broaden Number Of Countries Participating In Lunar Exploration / Commercial Development; High & Middle School Students Working To Design Payloads For GLXP Missions In Moon Mission Challenge, Affiliate Of NSS; Teams Learning About Challenges Of Lunar Surface Operation, Payload Engineering, Will Present Payload Concepts At 27 Apr USA Science & Engineering Festival In Washington DC

Image Credit: National Space Society

Thursday / 8 November 2012

India Moon And Beyond Missions

India Aiming For 2015 Human Spaceflight Program; Human Moon Mission Proposed By Indian Space Research Organisation For 2020; Chandrayaan-2 Lunar Orbiter, Lander, Rover Mission Delayed To At Least 2014; Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) Rocket Proven Success Of Chandrayaan-1 / Moon Impact Probe Will Be Used For India Mars Satellite Mission Planned Launch Nov 2013

Image Credit: ISRO, IITK

Wednesday / 30 May 2012

Excalibur Almaz To Orbit Humans Around Moon

CEO Art Dula Says Excalibur Has Purchased 4 Soviet Military Space Capsules (Each With 4 Seats) & 2 Salyut Space Station Pressure Vessels With Intent Of Sending Humans Into Lunar Orbit; Space Economics Consultancy Group Futron Says Business Case For Cislunar Activities Better Than LEO-Only If No Government Funding, Projects 29 Lunar Passengers Will Pay US$100M In 2012-2023

Wednesday / 28 March 2012

Lunar Hydrogen Debate Could Affect Future Landing Sites

Image Credit: NASA, LPI

Conflicting Data, Heated Debate Leave Lunar Science Community Befuddled At Recent 43rd LPI Conference; Data From LRO LEND Instrument Shows Locations Of High Hydrogen Do Not Correlate With Dark Polar Cold Traps; Data Contradicts Theory On Nature Of Hydrogen / Water At Lunar Poles From Previous LRO, Lunar Prospector Data; Hydrogen-Rich Areas Will Likely Be Targeted For Future Exploration, Utilization

Wednesday / 14 March 2012

Nuclear Power On Moon

Image Credit: LPI, NASA

43rd Lunar & Planetary Science Conference (19-23 March) To Be Held At The Woodlands TX In Conjunction With Nuclear & Emerging Technologies Meeting (21-23 March) To Acknowledge 50 Years Of Nuclear-Powered Space & Lunar Crafts; RTGs / RHUs Used In Apollo Seismic Stations / Lunkhod Rovers; Small Fission Power System With Stirling Engine Could Power Future Lunar Base