Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 17-20 Nov 2017

ILOA Participating In Moon Village Association Workshop After Completing 10-Year Commemoration Of ILOA Organization

Moon Village Association 1st Workshop Being Hosted At ISU In Strasbourg, France 19-21 November Featuring ESA Director General Jan Woerner, Bernard Foing, Clive Neal, Experts From China, India, Japan, Russia, USA And Commercial Space Including International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA);  10-Year Successful Observation Of ILOA Founding Celebrated This November With International Directors From Southeast Asia, Europe, Canada, China, Japan – And Specific Proposal Of ILOA Collaboration With Newly-Formed International Moonbase Alliance Of Hawaii Could Add Another Dimension To Global Goal Of Moon Village Advancement

Credits: ILOA, ESA, ISU

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 10-13 Nov 2017

Human Moon Missions Could Advance World Peace And Cosmopolitan Culture

Hawai`i Galaxy Forum 2017 – Kamuela 8 November Featuring Hawaii Mayor Harry Kim Speaking On Mauna Kea As A Living Monument For World Peace From A Truly Cosmopolitan And Aloha People, Joins Cultural Practitioner Kimo Pihana, International Lunar Observatory Association, A Panel Of Astronomical / Astronautical Experts From Canada, Japan, China, Europe And South East Asia, As Well As A Subaru Astronomer Focusing On Exoplanets – To Explore The Quest For Knowledge, Enhance Collaboration And Mutual Respect Needed To Face Challenges To Reach The Stars, And Highlight The Moon As A New Frontier To Fulfill Pledge “In Peace For All”

Credits: ILOA, CFHT, G. Mitchell

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 2-5 June 2017

ILOA Galaxy Forum China 2017 Precedes IAF Global Space Exploration Conference In Beijing

Astronomy From The Moon & International Human Moon Missions Focus Of 3-Hour 2-Part Program 5 June At BICC, On Eve Of GLEX 2017, Highlights Global Lunar Exploration Priorities; Organized By International Lunar Observatory Association Of Hawai`i; Part 1) Wang Jing Of NAOC On CE3 Lunar Ultra-Violet Telescope, Hakim Malasan Of ITB On Indonesia Future Astronomy, Steve Durst Of ILOA On Galaxy First Light Imaging; P2) Christian Lange Of CSA On Canadian Lunar Payloads & Technology, Guo Linli Of CAST On China Lunar Base Concept, Andrew Aldrin Of ShareSpace Foundation On USA / International Human Missions To The Moon

Credits: ILOA, NAOC, CNSA, CSA, ShareSpace, ESA, NASA

Friday / 29 July 2016

PISCES And NASA Conducting Lunar Simulations, Technologies Testing At Mauna Kea Hawai`i


Pacific International Space Center For Exploration Systems (PISCES) Executive Director Rob Kelso & Students Developing, Upgrading, Testing Moon / Mars Rover, Equipment & Communications Software; From Remote Location, Students Use Google Earth Images Of Mauna Kea To Move Rover & Study Geology Mimicking Real Life Lunar Robotic Mission; NASA Ames Also Testing The Rover Stereoscopic Imaging System, Data Capture & Data Processing Remotely From Florida, Taking Advantage Of Moon, Mars Analog 3,000-meter Altitude Sites At Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa


Thursday / 3 December 2015

Hawai`i Based PISCES Seeks Emergency Funds To Continue Moon & Deep Space Research Programs

1232015An Urgent Request To Hawaii Gov. Ige (R) To Appropriate Funds Of US$670k For Salaries To Pacific International Space Center For Exploration Systems (PISCES) FY 2016 (Jul ’15 – Jun ’16) Currently Being Deliberated; PISCES Director Rob Kelso (L) States Organization Will Continue To Operate Normally Until The End Of The Calendar Year 2015 But Without Approval “We Are Out Of Business After June”; PISCES MoonRIDERS (Research Investigating Dust Expulsion Removal Systems) Joint Partnership With NASA Kennedy Space Center & Google Lunar XPRIZE Electrodynamic Dust Shield (EDS) Technology With High School Participants Kealakehe & Iolani Hope For Approval To Continue Hawaii High-Tech Advancement

Credit: PISCES, UH Hilo, State of Hawaii

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 13-16 Nov 2015

Galaxy Forum Waimea 2015:
Astronomy From The Moon And Hawai`i

GF HI 2015

Galaxy Forum Hawaii (12 Nov) Prompts The Question “Where Did The Moon Come From?”; Local Perspectives From Kimo Pihana & Pua Case, Multiple Scientific International Sources Theorize The Moon Formed From Giant Impact In Pacific Basin – Rob Kelso Of PISCES Notes ‘Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa Basalts Are Extremely Similar To Moon & Mars’; Astronomy From The Moon Being Conducted By Chang’e-3 With LUT – Through MoU With Hawaii-Based ILOA, Observations Of Galaxy M101 Helping To Refine Further ILOA Missions; Various Countries Planning On Far-Side Radio Astronomy; Passionate Talks Given About Hawaii’s Uniqueness, Astronomy From Hawaii / Earth, From Space & From The Moon


Wednesday / 21 October 2015

President Obama Inspiring Youth To ‘Ask About The Stars’ At White House Astronomy Night

10212015Private-Sector “Educate To Innovate” (ETI) Campaign Announced By Pres. Obama Stating “We Need To Inspire More Young People To Ask About The Stars And Begin That Lifetime Quest To Become The Next Great Scientist, Or Inventor, Or Engineer, Or Astronaut”; Astronomy Night Featuring Moon, Mars Meteorite Rock Samples & New York 12th-Grader Alvarez-Bareiro Inviting President To Examine The Moon; President Outlined Priorities: Journey To Mars, Space Technology, Earth Science & Climate, ISS, Commercial Space; ETI Focus In STEM To Prepare 100k Teachers By 2021 & Other Projects To Work With 30+ States To Support ~500k Students Grades 4-8; Hawaii World Class Observatories Goal Of Inspiring A Passion For Astronomy Offering Free Tours To Students 16 Years Old As Early As November 2015

Credit: NASA, Case.edu

Wednesday / 9 September 2015

Galaxy Forum China 2015 “Astronomy From The Moon” At NAOC

9092015ILOA Event On 9 Sep Features (L-R) NAOC Prof. Jianyan Wei And Dr. Jing Wang Discussing LUT Findings & Performance, Univ. Of Hawaii Dr. R. Pierre Martin On Galaxy Exploration From The Moon, ILOA Founding Director Steve Durst On 21st Century Education, Exploration & Enterprise; Moon-Based Observatory Missions To Complement Earth / Space-Based Astronomy; ILOA Collaborating With National Astronomical Observatories – Chinese Academy Of Science (NAOC) Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope (LUT) On Chang’e-3 As Only Mission Operating On Lunar Surface

Credit: ILOA, NAOC

Friday / 4 September 2015

Astronomy From The Moon:
Further Establishing The New Frontier

MSPA ILOA 2015 SepILOA Collaborating With National Astronomical Observatories – Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope (LUT) Aboard Chang’e-3 Moon Lander At 44°N 20°W – Only Spacecraft Operating On Lunar Surface, 1st To Land On Moon In Almost 40 Years; ILOA Pursuing Moon-Based Observatory Missions, Seeks To Advance 21st Century Galaxy Imaging With ILO-1 2-Meter Radio Antenna To Malapert Mt. 86°S 2.7°E Near Moon South Pole, With ILO-X Precursor Mission Aboard GLXP Lander, With Human Service Mission To ILO-1 / Robotic Village New World Frontier

Credit: Copyright ILOA, Michael Carroll, NAOC/CAS, CNSA

Wednesday / 12 August 2015

Aiming For The Moon With Aloha:
President Obama On GLXP Astrobotic;
Moon RIDERS Continues Project Testing

Hawaii GLXP

Hawai`i-Born Barack Obama Speaks About Astrobotic Moon Goals, Americans Being Those Who “Explore Next Frontiers… Pioneers With A Vision For Tomorrow, Whether It’s Lewis & Clark, Sally Ride… They’re The Driving Force In A 21st Century Economy”; Hawaii Moon RIDERS (Research Investigating Dust Expulsion Removal Systems) Partnering Hawaii Schools, PISCES, NASA KSC & Undisclosed GLXP Team, Testing Electrodynamic Dust Shield Experiment At Hawaii Island Moon Analog Site Mauna Kea In Preparation For Late 2016 Launch

Credit: GLXP, PISCES, Moon RIDERS, NASA, Gig Greenwood, `Iolani, Robin Bourne, Astrobotic